Table Pad Extenders

Image of table pad expanding.
Extend Your Table by 16 Inches in Length and 12 Inches in Width

Seat an extra 2 people at your table with Sentry's Table Pad Extenders.

Custom sized by adding to the measurements of your table, our extender expands your table's width by 12 inches (6 inches on each side) and your table's length by 16 inches (8 inches on each end). For round tables we add 12 inches to the diameter of your table.

Manufactured in the USA with approximate 7/8 inch thick strong fiberboard to allow overhang of your table top. Sand color vinyl top with a dark brown soft velour base. Made in 3 table pad extender pieces which lock together. (60 rounds are made in 2 pieces.)

Prices - Sizes are Finished Sizes

60 Inch Round: $249 (Shipping $49)

61 to 72 Inch Round: $299 (Shipping $64)

Up to 48" by 120" Rectangular: $249 (Shipping $49)

Up to 56" by 120" Rectangular: $299 (Shipping $64)

For 48 and 54 inches diameters please see Card Table Extenders

Maximum Finished Sizes:
Round Diameter: 72 Inches
Rectangular Width: 56 Inches
Rectangular Length: 120 Inches
Questions or to Order:
Call us at : 1 (800) 325 - 4643