Heat Resistant Table Pad Claims

Many competitors make heat resistant table pad claims such as "550 Degree Heat Resistance." We believe that there is no scientific basis for these temperature degree claims and these claims are completely unsubstantiated.

Many of these claims are inconsistent. For example, one company has a cheaper pad, Mid-Grade Table Pad, that has the same thickness and construction that their regular pad has; but, somehow it has only 250 degrees protection instead of the 550 degrees claimed on their regular pad. There are also table pad distributors that claim higher heat protection degrees than their own manufacturers claim on the very same product.

These claims defy common sense. At 300 Degrees Fahrenheit or before, the vinyl top of table pads will have completely melted. (If you take a cooking dish directly from the oven you should put it on a trivet or on a hot plate.)

It is logically impossible to place any degree number on table pad protection. Heat damage is a factor of both time and temperature. The temperature can not be separated from the element of time exposure. Also, the unknown factors of the type and condition of the table's finish and the wood species are variables that are unaccounted for.

Sentry does not make heat protection claims in temperature degrees. The thickness and material are definite factors in heat protections. All table pad companies use very similar materials. We do believe that our Aluminum Heat Shield disburses heat away from sources of heat spots.

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