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Dining Room Table Pads

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Dining Table Pads

Entertain in style and security with dining room table pads manufactured by the Sentry Table Pad Company. Don’t let your investment in your dining table go to waste. Your beautiful table can easily be damaged by heat, spills, scratches, and dents.

Threats to Your Dining Table

Excessive heat from serving dishes and hot liquids can discolor your table’s finish, as can hot candle wax dripping from a centerpiece. Exposure to direct sunlight over time can also fade and discolor your table’s finish. Sentry’s dining room table pads protect your table.

Water and alcohol can stain and damage your table. Condensation from cold drinks can leave a permanent watermark, alcohol spills can lift your finish and red wine can leave a colorful stain. Sentry’s water-proof vinyl table pad top helps protect your valuable table.

Scratches and dents can happen at a moment’s notice. Children doing homework or projects can scratch your table with their books, pens, and craft supplies. Cats and dogs may climb up and do irreversible damage to your table with their curious claws.

Dropped items such as dishes, china, and glassware can scratch and dent your table. Your dining room table is a long-lasting, beautiful piece of furniture. Give it the protection it needs with a dining room table pad protector from Sentry.

How People Use Dining Room Table Pads

The more common way that people use dining room table pads is to use them when having a formal dining event. This is why the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are the busiest time of year for table pad manufacturers. In these instances, table pads are used under a tablecloth. Many people use their table pads on an everyday basis without a tablecloth. This is often the case when customers have younger children or pets that can scratch or dent the table.

Dining Room Table Pads Storage

The shipping box that your table pads come in can be used for storage. However, the box may become dirty or dinged up from the shipping process. We recommend the purchase of a Sentry table pad storage bag. These water-resistant nylon bags come with a zipper closure and carrying handles to keep your dining room table pads clean and dry.

Flexible Use With Extension Leaves

Dining room table pads are made in several pieces both for convenient storage and for flexibility in use with extension leaves. The main set of table pads for the table (not including leaf extensions) is made in two pieces. (Table pad pieces fold in half for storage.) Then for tables with extension leaves, a dining room table pad piece is made for each extension. This way table pads can be used in whichever way the extension leaves are used or not used.

Protection for Extension Leaf Storage

Keep your Table Leaf Extension clean and try with Leaf Storage bags from Sentry. Your extension leaves can be easily damaged when stored. Sentry’s storage bags are made of waterproof vinyl with a soft fleece lining.  They have a flap closure with a velcro connector. We stock six bag sizes to fit each extension leaf. Please note that our bags are designed to safely store one extension leaf per bag. Order today and protect your extension leaf or leaves!

Dining Room Table Pad Features

Sentry pads are 1/2 inches thick and contain our Aluminum Heat Shield Feature to protect your dining room table. A water-resistant vinyl base and a soft velour base protect your table. See Features Page for details.


There is a price for the main dining room table pads (excluding leaf extension pads) and a separate price for each leaf extension pad that you may need. There is an extra charge for very large tables that are over 48 inches wide, 80 inches long, or over 54 inches round. (Please note that tables over 80 inches long (not including extension leaves) will be made in three or four pieces due to material limitations.) See Pricing Page for details.


If you have questions, call our staff of table pad experts at 1-800-325-4643.