Custom Made Table Pads
Custom table pads are manufactured to fit the top flat surface of your table. Industry standards allow for a 1/8 inch variance between the table pad and the table's flat top surface.

Many tables have beveled or sloping edges. It is important to note that table pads are designed to cover the flat top surface of a table and table pads do not extend over the beveled or sloping edges.
Table Pad Construction
Standard table pad construction is for two table pad pieces - one piece for each half of the table. Each extension leaf is also a separate table pad piece. Therefore, a table with two leaf extensions is manufactured in four table pad pieces - two pieces for the table itself and one piece for each leaf extension. This allows you to use your table when you use your table only - without leaf extensions - and when you use one or two leaf extensions. The Pivot Lock feature locks your table pad sections together - again in whatever combinations of table and extension leaf that you utilize. Each table pad piece folds in half. The top faces of the table pad fold against each other for storage.
Extra-Large Tables
Extra-large tables are Oval and Rectangular tables that are over 54 inches wide and/or over 80 inches long. Round or Square tables over 54 by 54 inches are also extra-large tables. For these tables the table pad itself is made in four pieces instead of the normal two pieces. (Table leaf extensions are still made in one piece for each extension.) Oversize charges are required for extra-large tables. Please refer to the price page. Tables over 120 inches long or over 80 inches round are considered conference tables that need a telephone quotation.