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Care of Table Pads

Everyday Use

Use your table pads with the vinyl side up and the velour side down against your table. The top vinyl side is water-proof, but the soft velour base is not waterproof. Do not drag your table pads across your table.


Your table pads will protect your table from the vast majority of heat sources. We caution against placing oven-hot casserole dishes directly from the oven on to the table pads. We recommend using trivets under oven-hot casserole dishes. The vinyl surface of your table pads could be puckered by an oven-hot dish.


Clean the vinyl top of your table pads with a damp cloth. Use mild dish soap if needed. Do not use “409” type chemical cleansers as these may discolor the vinyl.

Clean the velour base of your table pads with a dry soft brush. Do not use any liquid cleaners as the velour is not waterproof.


It is important to keep the base velour dry. If the velour base of your table pads becomes moist or wet, remove the table pads until they are completely dry.


It is best to keep your table pads in the climate controlled living area of your home. Do not keep your table pads in your attic or garage where they may be subject to extreme heat, humidity or freezing temperatures. We recommend that table pads be stored in a flat horizontal position.

We recommend our optional Table Pad Storage Bag to keep your pads clean and dry.