Buffet Table Pads
Server Table Pads

Sentry makes buffet table pads and server table pads.

Buffets and Servers are made in 1 piece that folds in half.

Measuring and Patterning:
measure the flat top surface only. Give us the radius for rounded corners. If your buffet is sculptured you will need to take a tracing pattern of the entire buffet.

Buffets and Server Table Pads are not available in Clearance Pads.

Buffets and Servers are not set up to be ordered online .

Please call to order. (1-800-325-4643)
Buffets and Servers - Pricing
Buffet Table Pad Photo
Size limit: up to 24 inches wide by 80 inches long.

Buffets and Servers: $79
Shipping: $24