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Order by Manufacturer’s Name and Table Number

If you know the manufacturer’s name and table number. you can order Sentry table pads without taking a pattern of your table.

When dining table manufacturers begin to make and sell a new dining table, they assign a model or table number to that table and they will make that table with exactly the same dimensions throughout the entire production of that table. Sentry obtains the exact size and shape the table top. In the table pad industry, we refer to this as a master pattern. We keep these master patterns indefinitely so that even if your table is several years old there is an excellent chance that Sentry has your master pattern.

Sometimes the table number is on the bottom side of your table or it may be on your purchase paperwork. On purchase paperwork, look for the manufacturer’s name followed by a number sequence. If you see a number only, that could be a store SKU and not the manufacturer’s table number. Please note that sizes listed in company catalogs are not usable for making table pads. Catalog sizes show the maximum width and length of the table. These sizes include the beveled or sloping edges of the table and table pads are made to fit only the top flat surface of the table – which does not include the beveled or sloping edges.

We recommend that you call us at 1-800-325-4643 and chat with our staff of table pad experts. Sentry’s experts can verify your information in our computer files and complete your order.