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Heat Resistant Table Pads

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This Table Was Saved by Our Aluminum Heat Shield! A Candle Fire Stopped at the Aluminum Heat Shield.

After a family dinner, the J.S. Gray family accidentally left several candles in a candle holder burning on their table and went to lower level family room. The candles burned down over the tablecloth and set it on fire. Fortunately, the family returned to the dining room in time to put out the fire before it spread further. The fire burned down to and stopped at the Aluminum Heat Shield layer. As you can see, the table was undamaged!

Heat Resistant Table Pads

Sentry table pads are 1/2 inch thick (clearance pads 1/4 inch) and include our Aluminum Heat Shield at no additional cost. This provides the best heat protection available.

Protect Your Table with Sentry Table Pads

Table Pads are the best way to protect your investment in your table. You appreciate the beauty and value of your dining table, but kids, pets, and even friends and relatives sometimes do not. Kids see a perfect arts and crafts station, pets climb up on your table and eventually a dinner guest will tip over a wine glass. Dining room table pads protect your table from these accidents.

There are many ways that your table’s finish can be damaged.

Excessive heat from hot liquids can discolor and lift your table’s finish.

Water and alcohol can stain and remove your table’s finish.

Scratches and dents can happen at any time.

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