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Conference Table Pads

Table Pads for Conference Tables

Sentry can make table pads to cover any size conference table.

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To give you a cost price, we need the maximum width and maximum length of your conference table. Shipping costs will vary upon the size of the table – which will determine the total weight and the number of cartons – as well as the United Parcel Service shipping zone distance.

Conference size table pads are not available in Clearance Pads.

Number of Table Pad Pieces

Conference table pads will be made in several table pad pieces depending on the size of the conference table. Material, manufacturing and shipping constraints limit the size of individual table pad pieces. For tables up to 48 inches wide, the length of each piece is limited to 40 inches. For tables over 48 inches wide up to 60 inches wide, the length of each piece is limited to 30 inches long. All of these table pad pieces fold in half width wise.

Shapes, Measurements and Patterns

Rectangular conference tables can be made from measurement dimensions. For rounded end tables we will also need a pattern of the table end. For boat shaped tables we will need a pattern of the entire table. Sentry supplies pattern paper as needed.

Shipping Time

Allow 6 weeks for shipment of conference table pads. The Rush Service option is not available. We do not ship conference table pads between October 15th and December 31st. Orders received during this period will ship in mid-January.