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Custom Table Pads

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Sentry makes it easy to order custom table pads. You can order by your table style number, or by dimensions for round and rectangular tables. We can also send you a pattern for tables of any other shapes. Order your table pads online or by phone. Protect your table from heat, spills, and scratches. Order today!

If you have any questions, call our friendly staff of table pad experts. 1-800-325-4643

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Custom Table Pads

All of our custom table pads are individually hand tailored and made to order. With our experienced customer service team and our expert factory personnel, Sentry guarantees that your table pads fit perfectly.

Table Pads for Dining Room Tables

We specialize in the custom manufacture of table pads for dining room tables. Your beautiful table is an investment that needs protection from heat, spills, and scratches. We can also make custom pads for any table, including large conference tables and small tables such as buffets, servers and coffee tables.

Manufactured in Our Own Factory

Sentry manufactures our own table pads in our own factory and we ship directly to your home via United Parcel Service. Some other “table pad companies” are really just middlemen who buy table pads from other companies. We are the oldest and largest table pad company. We started over 107 years ago back in the year 1911. Our president, Steven McKay, is the 4th generation to run our family business. See Sentry History.

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Guaranteed Fit

Sentry guarantees that your custom table pad will fit your table. Sentry has a “no-fault” policy. In the unlikely event of a fit issue, we will re-make your dining table pad at absolutely no charge.

Watch out for other companies that will charge you full price on a second order if your dining table pads don’t fit; they will say it is your error! Don’t take that chance. Order risk-free with Sentry Table Pad Company.

Aluminum Heat Shield

This Table Was Saved by Sentry’s Aluminum Heat Shield! A Candle Fire Was Stopped by the Aluminum Heat Shield.

Every set of Sentry table pads contains our Aluminum Heat Shield. Our dining room table pads have 1/2 inch of insulating felt and fiberboard plus a layer of Aluminum which helps protect your table from accidental heat sources. Learn more about our heat shield.

Lifetime Warranty

Sentry’s Limited Lifetime Warranty covers your table top pads from any defect in material or workmanship. We will repair or replace any such defective product at no charge. See Lifetime Warranty for full details.

Best Price Guarantee

Sentry’s Best Price Guarantee assures you of the best price. In the unlikely event that you find a lower price on best quality 1/2 inch table pads, we will match that price. See Best Price Guarantee for full details.

Heat Resistant

We believe that Sentry table pads have the best heat protection available. Our table pads are 1/2 inch thick and include our Aluminum Heat Shield that disburses heat away from your table.

Custom Made

Sentry’s tabletop pads are manufactured to fit the top flat surface of your table. Industry standards allow for a 1/8 inch variance between the pad and the table’s flat top surface. Many tables have beveled or rounded edges. It is important to note that made-to-order table pads are designed to cover the flat top surface of your table and they should not extend over beveled or rounded edges.


Standard construction is for two pad pieces: one piece for each half of the table. Each extension leaf is also a separate piece. This means that a table with two leaf extensions is manufactured in four pieces – two pieces for the table itself and one piece for each leaf extension. This allows you to use your custom table pads in whatever combinations of table and extension leaf that you use for your table. The Pivot Lock feature locks your pad sections together, again, in whatever combinations of table and extension leaf that you utilize. Each piece folds in half for storage. See Table Pad Construction Guidelines for complete details.

Table Shapes

The shape of your table determines how to order. For a round table pad, measure the diameter of your tabletop. For a square table pad, measure the size. For rectangular tables, measure both the width and the length. For rectangular tables with round corners, you can use the Radius Corner Template. For an oval table pad, a pattern tracing of one half of your table top is needed. Odd shaped tables also need a pattern. Go to Table Shapes for more information.

Order by Manufacturer’s Name and Table Number

You can order Sentry table pads by giving us your table manufacturer’s name and the table number. We have over 10,000 master patterns on file including many patterns for older tables as well as more current tables. See our Master Patterns Page for helpful hints about table numbers. We recommend that you call us at 1-800-325-4643 and chat with our expert staff. Sentry’s experts can verify your information in our computer files and complete your order.

Extra-Large Tables

Rectangular and oval table pads that are over 48 inches wide and/or over 80 inches long and round table pads over 54 inches in diameter are extra-large tables. For these tables, the table pad itself is made in four pieces instead of the normal two pieces. Table leaf extensions are still made in one piece for each extension. The maximum size of a rectangular or oval table pad piece is 48 inches wide (24 inches folded) by 40 inches long. The maximum piece size for a round table pad piece is 54 inches (27 inches by 27 inches folded). There are additional “oversize” charges for tables over 48 inches wide or over 80 inches long or round tables over 54 inches. Please refer to the price page. Call us for information and a quotation for extremely large tables over 100 inches long or over 75 inches round.

Protect Your Table

A table protector pad is the best way to protect your investment in your dining table. You appreciate the beauty and value of your table, but kids, pets and even friends and relatives often do not. Kids see the perfect arts and crafts station, pets can climb up on your table and, at some point, a dinner guest will inevitably tip over a wine glass. A dining room table pads will protect your table from these accidents.

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